Social Media Training

We deliver social media training courses for small groups from the same organisation or on a
one to one basis. The reason we do this is because you need to have a common goal. Attending a course aimed a variety of business will not necessarily cover your requirements. We tailor all of our courses, depending on what your business sells, where your target market is active and how they expect you to communicate with them.

Our training is hands on, we will be working on your profiles live in the training. We offer comprehensive training notes following the session and an email information service for 12 weeks following all of our courses.

To participate on one of our training courses, you will need to be computer literate (and you will be surprised by how many people are not), with a basic understanding of the platforms that we will be covering. Our courses get into the detail of how these social media platforms can be used by your business for marketing and sales.

To find out about availability, contact us on