Social Media Management

Once your strategy is defined, we manage your social media accounts on your behalf. We build a bank of pre-approved posts, which we add to on a weekly or monthly basis and we create a bank of images for use with these posts. Posts are then published on your chosen platforms on a regular basis, this can be daily, bi-weekly or weekly depending on how much presence you require.

We cleanse your accounts on a monthly or quarterly basis, removing all irrelevant accounts. We monitor your activity and the engagement that it creates and report this back to you in a monthly or quarterly report.
Costs for this service vary depending on how much activity you require. Some accounts that we manage only require an hour of activity each week, other require 5 hours or more. We charge our time in 15 minute segments for social media management, this allows us to offer affordable management to a variety of businesses.

Client Testimonials

We are delighted with the close business relationship Sharon/Mood have developed over several years of collaboration on many projects including presence marketing and social media campaigns, from the embryonic ideas to full roll out. They remain a pleasure to work with.

I can’t praise highly enough Mood Design’s social media management.  It’s an area where you can spend a lot of time doing it yourself for little or no return.  That’s why I use Mood Design – not only do they understand the technicalities of each platform but they bring their marketing knowledge to bear as well.  And although they provide regular reports on their social media management I know that it’s working because of the enquiries that come every month through social media, or that refer to tweets or Facebook posts.

John McKenzie Hypnotherapist