Social Media

Most people and businesses will have a least one social media profile. One question we are asked time and time again is, ‘Which social media profiles should I have?’ Our answer is always the same – the ones where your target market are active. When you know where your target market are active, we work with you to create a social media strategy. If you don’t have one of these you won’t know your goals or if you achieve them.

Once your strategy is in place, you need to learn how the social media platforms work for your business. This is where our training courses come in to play. We teach you how to create successful posts for your business, how to monitor them for success and how to maintain your momentum on social media.

If you decide you don’t have time or the right personnel to manage your social media accounts, we can look after them on your behalf. We create posts and graphics for your business use and monitor your activity. We supply monthly reports of your social media accounts building a bank of resources, along with suggestions for improvement in reach and engagement.

We only work with one company from any industry at a given time to ensure we are not diluting your message.