You may say never, but we would have to disagree!

We understand that pinning a post to the top of your twitter feed allows more people to see your important and time sensitive information.

So why do we hate them so much?

We use twitter a lot for business and occasionally for our personal use. We manage accounts on behalf of other businesses, so we consider ourselves experienced in the use of the platform.

One of our projects involves actively looking for new contacts and businesses to connect with. This is done with the view of building relationships, but when I see an account that has pinned a tweet from 2017 we have to ask the question – Have they had nothing more important to say in the last 3 years?

This makes their account look neglected.

It also makes them appear to be slightly less professional than we would like. We want to work with businesses that have their finger of the pulse, who know what is happening in their business and are looking to grow. A business with a 3 year old tweet pinned to the top of their profile is not giving us that message.

Whoever is looking after the account is not doing a good job!

Every business can come up with something within a 3 month period that should replace a previous pinned tweet. In the worst case, unpin it and then re-pin it. But remember that people react much better to new content than that reused or out of date information.

Our conclusion

It is fine to pin your tweets but they have a life span and this needs to be reviewed and revisited on a regular basis.

Happy pinning!