Sustainable business

Why does business needs to be sustainable? During challenging times such as economic uncertainty or the current COVID-19 situation those of us that run our own businesses can feel the stress and pressure on our own incomes. This can be for a variety of reasons and they are often out of our control. Sadly, for […]

Lockdown marketing image 2

Why lockdown is the best time to market your business!

You may think that now is the time to stop marketing your business as we are all in lockdown and things are quiet. No! That’s not the case, in fact it’s the opposite!! Now is the time to increase your online presence and to develop your brand awareness. Although we may not be able to […]

The Wellspring Project

Just in case you haven’t heard already, we are working with the Wellspring Project in Stockport, on a Reverse Advent Calendar. Having visited the Wellspring Project last month, Sharon was astounded by how many people they help on a daily basis. If you haven’t heard of them, the Wellspring are a charity that are open […]


Black Friday Deals!

Don’t get me wrong, I love a bargain as much as anyone but I’m sure you are all aware that some of these ‘fantastic deals’ are just not good deals! TV stations usually show huge riots of people trying to get the best retail deals – pushing and shoving each other to get the product […]