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Mood Design Solutions

Hello, Mood Design Solutions are an independent graphic design and marketing agency with offices in Cheshire and Cornwall.

We deliver cost effective marketing solutions in many forms. We believe that the service we deliver is what keeps our customers coming back month after month, we don’t tie them in with lengthy

Our ethics focus on delivering solutions that work, as well as value for money. Many small and medium sized businesses are put off starting to market their company because they don’t know where to start.

We start at the beginning with you. We look at what you currently use to promote your business and who your target market are. We then look at various opportunities, traditional marketing, blogging, social media and many others that will reach your target market. We break down the costs for you, allowing you to select which items you want to go ahead with. Often clients will start with one or two and once they have seen the results, they implement all of our ideas and the beginning of a marketing plan is created.

Once you have decided which options you want to progress, the works begins. Your success at the end of the day, is our success. That’s why we only deliver solutions that work.